Architect Photographer

I am passionate about Architecture and believe that it is a field where one never ends learning, the more the experience the more refined the thinking gets. 
I have had an exposure in the field of architecture for almost 4 years and have developed the feeling that being an Architect its my responsibility to help in retaining the livability aspect of the earth, before it gets too late. 
Thus my aim is to partner with the best minds in the world so that I can learn the best of design techniques and give my inputs to come up with solutions that can help in getting a sustainable future for us and the generations to come. 
To pursue with this endeavor I joined the Mater's Program in Integrated Sustainable Design at National University of Singapore under Professor Dr. Nirmal Kishanani to learn the sustainable aspects of Architecture. 
I also did an internship in CPG corporation, health care division, where I learned the basics of Hospital buildings, apart from how to make a hospital sustainable and lively. My favorite among all, is the Khoo Tech Puat Hospital in Singapore, which, for me,is the best example .

Apart from Architecture I also very passionate about Photography. Back in India, I used to pick assignments as a wedding photographer, I have been official photographer, for events at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), in Noida (India). I also worked with models and actors to help them make their portfolios; one of whom was Mr Aprit Kapoor, a Bollywood artist. Apart from that, one of my pictures even got shortlisted for NGM’s daily dozen. 

Further, I am very fond travelling and exploring new places, my wildest experience was during my trek to the Himalayas.

Live Architecture